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AWESOME in ACTION: Nick Roussous

Updated: Feb 28

Having met Nick Roussos has been a career highlight. He is an author, a speaker, and an inspiration.

Unable to speak or walk since birth, Nick has spent his life in a wheelchair, and communicates with others using an electronic device. He is fed and bathed and has caretakers. He does not lead an easy life.

Interestingly, Nick grew up in Africa. His parents owned a safari company, and he was always surrounded by exotic animals. There is even a picture of Nick as a young boy hanging out with a young lion cub! This was not your average upbringing. Nick recently wrote a children’s book called “Awesome in Action,” featuring himself in his wheelchair along with some of the animals from his childhood. The book teaches life lessons to children about helping - and accepting - others. The video project I did with him was a promotion of this book.

Nick visits classrooms frequently in the northern Colorado area. Kids love hanging out with him, and he certainly finds joy in their company.

Nick’s extremely supportive family has encouraged him to participate in everything he can. He has ridden on rollercoasters, gone skiing and waterskiing, and even bungee-jumped! He is such a thrill-seeker!

What so many would consider as limitations, Nick embraces as alternative opportunities. He does not let anything stop him.

Nick inspires me: since having met him, I often think, what’s my excuse? Why would I ever say that I can’t, when, despite the odds, he repeatedly shows that he CAN. If he can do what he does, certainly I can push my own boundaries, my own limits, to reach heights I may have never known. What more could I accomplish if I ignored the no’s and embraced the yes’s! Why be complacent when I can make a difference? Thank you, Nick for showing me that life is there for the taking.


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