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our leading lady takes a bow


Karen Fournier, founder and CEO of Starstream Productions, LLC, has served Northern Colorado as a video producer since 2007, creating high-impact promotional and educational videos for a variety of businesses and nonprofits.

Telly Award -Winners:

Hearts and Horses: Riding in the Moment - therapeutic horseback riding for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Hearts and Horses: Hearts and Horses for Heroes - therapeutic horseback riding for Veterans

Hope Lives! - breast-cancer services nonprofit 


Volunteers of America - video depicting how it feels to be a homeless Veteran.

Davey Award -Winners:

A Meth Story: Megan Chenoweth - Colorado Women of Influence Woman of Vision video

A Flood Story: Senor Rafael at the Mexican Inn - a Loveland Chamber Dancing With the Stars With a Heart fundraiser video




by Karen Fournier

Fact 1:

I wrote a weekly newspaper column for three years.

What that means for you:

I will take your information, reorganize it, and concisely represent your message with top-notch scriptwriting.

Fact 2:

I was a teacher for 12 years, specializing in gifted/talented education, and I taught critical and creative thinking skills.

What that means for you:

I am a creative thinker with endless ideas and a critical eye for detail. I can take your knowledge and expertise and help you to fashion your online courses into a sequence that meets the needs of your target audience.

Fact 3:

Throughout my career, I have interviewed over 600 people on camera!

I am a master of the interview process:  knowing what to ask and how to get subjects to relax and be themselves.  I know how to maximize the content from an interview to create multiple projects which achieve clients' objectives! You would be amazed how many videos can be created from one great interview alone.

What that means for you:

I have worked with hundreds of clients to create thousands of videos.

Fact 4:

What that means for you:

 I bring mad skills in filming and editing to your project...skills that come with the experience of producing a huge variety of projects (scripted, candid, or interview-style), filmed both on-site and in the studio.   I have seen what works and will bring an objective perspective and fresh ideas to the table for you. 

Fact 5:

I am fun-loving and kind (yes, really).

What that means for you:

I am extremely patient and understand how daunting it can feel to be on camera.  I make the process as painless as possible (I promise!) and as fun as can be.  Your timeline will always be my timeline.   Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a nonprofit, I am passionate about doing my best to achieve your goals and objectives. 

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