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A Client and Her Cadavers

Updated: Feb 28

My very first client in my brand-new filming studio included a lovely red-haired lady, the smell of formaldehyde, and two inanimate beings.

Together, the two of us heaved the stretcher out of the back of the car and down the stairs, huffing and puffing as we rounded the corner to the studio. We rolled the first body carefully onto the table, then returned with the stretcher to retrieve the second, which was much lighter and easier to manage.

Once situated, we created our game plan and repositioned the first body to best advantage for lighting and filming angles. I tweaked the lighting and camera settings, and finally, we were ready to roll. By then, I had become accustomed to the odor and no longer felt the urge to gag.

My client, Dr. Kathleen Cooney, looked at the camera and gestured to the lifeless canine on the table. She was creating a series of videos for fellow veteranarians, to train them in the art of compassionate pet euthanasia. Having done this for years through her local company, Home to Heaven, she had now created an online training company: CAETA, International, for other veterinarians worldwide seeking to embody the same philosophy. This beloved boxer had been donated by his owner to help further her noble cause, as had the sweet little feline yet to be filmed.

After the initial explanation concluded, we began to film different segments involving needle placements and euthanasia techniques, always bearing in mind how a pet owner might feel. For example, she would say something like, “Shield the needle from the eyes of the owners by covering it with your other hand throughput the injection process.” Her extensive knowledge was outshone only by her ever-present sense of compassion and her immense passion for her life’s mission. What a joy it was to work with such a kind and intelligent woman!

I have met remarkable people like this through my work more times than I can even believe.

They channel their hopes, dreams, ambitions, and goals to share what they love. My work helps others to make a difference in the lives of others. Through their inspiration, my amazing clients make a profound difference in mine.


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