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video production SERVICES

WE put you in your best light!

Intentionally-created video content will elicit great results: the potential nonprofit donor will be more likely to give their time or treasure, or the client will be more likely to buy your product or to work with you.  A well-crafted video will compel others to action!  

STEP 1: DEFINing your objectives

-- Consulting/masterminding
-- Organizing content
-- Content-marketing strategy
-- Strategy to maximize content
Find out more about our a la carte content consulting services.

STEP 2: capturing your message

-- Filming (at your location, or in-studio)
-- Voice-over recording
-- Interviewing 
-- Scriptwriting/storyboarding (We offer a la carte scriptwriting services.)

STEP 3: Finessing your project

-- Editing services

-- Design and branding reinforcement 

-- Logo animations

STEP 4: launch to the world!

It's time to share your video(s) via your website, emails, and social media.  Let us combine our expertise with your message for maximum impact!  

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