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Intentionally-created video content will elicit great results: the potential nonprofit donor will be more likely to give their time or treasure, or the client will be more likely to buy your product or to work with you.  A well-crafted video will compel others to action!  

WE put you in your best light!

STEP 1: DEFINing your objectives

-- Consulting/masterminding 

-- Organizing content

-- Content-marketing strategy

-- Strategy to maximize content

STEP 2: capturing your message

-- Filming (at your location, or in our professional studio)

-- Audio services and voice-over narrations

-- Interviewing 

-- Scriptwriting/storyboarding

STEP 3: Finessing your project

-- Editing services

-- Design and branding reinforcement 

-- Logo animations

STEP 4: launch to the world!

It's time to share your video(s) via your website, emails, and social media.  Let us combine our expertise with your message for maximum impact!  

SSP video production Infographic.PNG

need a guest speaker?

Choose from two topics:

1. Creating Content for Video Marketing

(deciding what types of videos work best for your purposes)

2. The Faces and Places of Northern Colorado (uplifting stories of inspirational and entrepreneurial people we have worked with at Starstream Productions, LLC)

FCSW Karen Fournier.png

“Karen shares her knowledge of how to produce the most effective videos. She has won several awards for the quality of her videos therefore she knows what it takes to make an excellent video. When Karen speaks, she is easy to understand and she breaks down the information in chunks. Then, you can digest and apply the concepts into videos that work best for you.  Karen respects her audience and she never comes across as knowing everything. She is patient and she wants to help you.  I have heard Karen speak a few times, and each time I learn valuable information."

Ann Baron, Founder, Northern Colorado Community

Click below to watch Karen's podcast interview on video marketing with Dr. Natalie Phillips!

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