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I Sold My Studio...Now What?!

So I sold my studio…can you believe it?  Now what?  

I am still continuing with video production, but in the meantime, I’ve been embracing two new ventures: content consulting, and audiobook production.

Venture 1:  CONTENT CONSULTING - For the past 17 years, I’ve helped clients from all realms of this world to create content…and it has become a passion. So, these days I’m helping folks to create online courses, membership sites, and social media content calendars! I can help frame the big-picture umbrella view or execute it into scripts, articles, videos, quotes, freebies, checklists, roadmaps…together we tame the brilliance and organize the content into deliverable chunks. 

Venture 2: AUDIOBOOK PRODUCTION - One doesn’t become savvy at video production without picking up a few chops in audio editing, too.  So I’m taking those skills and helping self-published authors expand their audience and increase monetization possibilities.  For recording, I’m supporting authors in recording themselves for best results, and helping clean up outtakes. Another option is AI-narrated text-to-speech conversion - pick a voice of choice, and the book is done!  Believe me, AI has come a long way and offers super-realistic voices!   Once recorded, I test all files for compliance and fix if needed, to ensure they meet the requirements for uploading to ACX (the company which publishes audiobooks for distribution to Audible and iTunes).  FUN STUFF!

As always, I’ll strive to bring my a-game to whatever I’m doing - for the benefit of my clients. And yes, videos will still be a part of the offerings.

And for anyone interested...I'm offering a $100 referral fee for any new client you send my way (in either of these two categories) and who signs on with me before July 1, 2024. I appreciate your help!

Here’s to new (ad)ventures!



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