This video showcases the work of Peggy Houchin, a talented dinosaur-bone and turquoise jeweler.   We combined photos of her jewelry with shots filmed in the studio.  Starstream Productions worked closely with Peggy to carefully craft the script  to allow for shorter excerpts suitable for online sharing and social media.

Peggy's 5-star review:

I worked with Karen and she is amazing!  I couldn't  be happier with my video productions!!  She pays attention to detail and her editing is fabulous!!  I highly recommend her for any videos that you want to produce!!

This video is one in a series which was created for Colorado Insurance Advisors in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Co-owner Josh Fyhrie was filmed on white with added captions, stock footage, and subtitles.  In addition to filming and scriptwriting assistance, Starstream Productions created the series opener and closer to reinforce the company's branding.

Josh's 5-star review:

​I was super nervous and hesitant to make videos for my business. I dragged my feet for 2+ years until I met with Karen. She helped with scripting and did all the editing. We knocked out 12 videos in her studio in less than 3 hours (my time). Highly recommend working with Karen! Outsourcing this is the way to go!

That initial pop of professionalism created by a series opener supports the professionalism of the client.  (The client was filmed on white in a bright blue shirt to reinforce her branding.)

Peggy made great use of her studio time to invite one of her clients not only to be her model but also to give an on-camera testimonial.  Note how clips from the original video (above this one) were reprised to add imagery to her statements.   In addition, Starstream Productions used the footage to create still images for Peggy to use on social media. 

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This chiropractic and nutrition-response-testing practice in Loveland, Colorado texts this video to new patients after their initial intake exam.  Branding is reinforced with the series opener and closer, which, along with the embedded testimonial, sets up the expectation for client success.

Are you TIRED of trying to make yourself look and sound professional with your DIY videos?

Starstream Productions' HIGH-QUALITY studio services will help you put your best foot forward with:​ professional lighting and audio, backdrops, staging, and a handy teleprompter. 

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Using a wide variety of staged backgrounds and outfits, Julie Wassom of the Julian Group, Inc. delivered 66 videos on camera...with the help of a teleprompter, thankfully!   She recorded 50 one-minute email-inbox tips as well as creating a paid series of 16 ten-minute training modules, all designed to help childcare centers increase their enrollment.

Julie's 5-star review: 

​If you want high quality videos and exceptional customer service, hire Starstream Productions. In working with Karen Fournier to produce my Enrollment Excelerator video training series, I found her to be highly skilled, patient, creative, and intent on achieving my full satisfaction with the end result. I highly recommend Starstream Productions and will hire Karen again.


Linda Akey of CANDO delivers unscripted tips to aspiring nonprofits in this example of her educational video series, designed not only  to impart knowledge but also to build a rapport with both current and potential clients.  Ultimately, the videos inspire trust in her skills and abilities:  a CRITICAL STEP in marketing and building clientele!

Linda's 5-star review:

​I have worked with Starstream on multiple video projects.  The videos are currently used for marketing and very well received.  I loved the process as Karen made me feel so comfortable while speaking to the camera. She is very professional making sure I looked good on camera, that I was wearing the right colors and outfits and presenting myself well while speaking.  I highly recommend using Starstream for your next project!