Alphabet Workout Series Promo Video

Jorgensen Laboratories ("Jorvet") in Loveland, Colorado, a veterinary supply company, worked with Starstream Productions, LLC to create this informational video about one of their products.  Field reps are currently using this video to educate potential customers about the features and functionality of this unit.   The video is a great way to show the machine in action and also functions as a how-to reminder video on how to assemble the unit once it is received.

A product-demo video case study:  bloc loc rulers

Do you want to educate your clientele and promote your products  or services?   

Instructional videos can serve many purposes, from increasing product sales for businesses to increasing student success in school.

Starstream Productions, LLC worked with Butterfly Park, a children's education company, to re-purpose their preschool reading program into a truly engaging series of 14 online videos.   The videos are set in a park (created with graphics) and the main character, "Coach Darcie" (a real person) instructs the children in various locations throughout the park using green screen effects.   

As the producer, editor, and creative consultant for this series, my favorite parts of all include the following, as you can see in the above sample, "Lesson 1: s" --

- the intro sequence, which was painstakingly animated by yours truly!

- how we got a real person to appear as though she is sitting on a digitally-created bench (the fun of green screen)!  (See 2:00)

- the adorable balloon game (see 3:00 onward); the balloon cart, balloons, and many of the other graphics in this series were created by Coach Darcie herself.

- the appearance of the train (see 4:00); some of the lessons (shot by the clients) take place "in" the train. 

- Coach Darcie's goodbye as she sits in the engine, and how it drives away.   (See 8:00)

- this entire project, which was an incredibly creative and fun collaboration!

Here's what the creators of Alphabet Workout had to say about their experience working with Starstream Productions, LLC:

Karen has been a Godsend to us! She listened to make sure she knew exactly what we were trying to do. She added her own creative insights to improve our vision. She is a perfectionist who paid close attention to the details and caught things we had missed. And she does it all with amazing humor, kindness, and grace. I enjoyed every minute I spent with her during the creative meetings, the videotaping, and the editing process. I look forward to working with her on our next project!

Darcie Frohardt, President of Butterfly Park Educational Materials and Co-Creator of Alphabet Workout.

Karen is a talented videographer who brings a wealth of creativity to a project. She is not content to mindlessly follow a script, but becomes part of a brainstorming team to make the final video better than the sum of the parts. Her ideas and attention to detail have enriched our project, and her patience and humor have made the filming sessions a joy. I would unconditionally recommend Karen for any film project and look forward to working with her again.

Mary Forhan, Vice-President of Butterfly Park Educational Materials and Co-Creator of Alphabet Workout

Bloc Loc Rulers, in Loveland, Colorado, manufactures quilting rulers.  They are specially-designed with a groove in the rulers which locks onto seams for accurate, nonslip cutting.   In early 2014, the company worked with Starstream Productions, LLC to create 7 product-demo videos, which were then launched on YouTube.  JUST ONE MONTH LATER, monthly ruler sales increased from 3,000 to over 8,000! One of the videos alone has since reached over 16,000 views in about a year and a half's time.  What the videos accomplished was drawing in new clients by allowing them to see how phenomenal the rulers are in action and what great quilting projects that they can create with them.  It also allowed the potential buyers to be able to purchase the rulers with confidence, knowing that they could easily reference the videos while actually using the rulers.  In short:  Bloc Loc EDUCATED their customers!  The Return on Investment (ROI) was so phenomenal for Bloc Loc that they are now producing a video a WEEK, not only to increase sales, but also to establish themselves as known experts in the quilting world (creating trust in their brand and therefore, repeat clients as well).  This series of videos is a perfect example of how product-demonstration videos turn 84% of shoppers into buyers.


I really needed to make a set of 24 accurate training videos for my students in the Nurse Aide program, to use both in training them and for student studying materials, to help students pass the State Board Certifying Exam to become C.N.A.s.   Karen did such a great job with my videos, and helped me create excellent opportunities for my students' success! 

She was able to quickly discern what I needed to capture in the videos, and was very helpful giving insight into the whole procedure from beginning to end.  The fees and the quality of the videos are excellent in every way, and I could not be more pleased with my results! 

Because of my excellent first experience with Karen/Starstream, I have hired Karen to make additional training videos for me for the Phlebotomy program, and I intend to hire Karen for all of my training-video needs for the college in the future.  Karen is amazing and so easy to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs professional filming, including educational videos. 

Suzanne Sevy, Program Director:  Nurse Aide Program, Plebotomy Program & Medical Terminology, Front Range Community College

Karen is one of the best people I have worked with and has the patience of a saint!  Her top-notch attention to detail and knowledge on how to create the best videos was the best I have seen.   I felt very comfortable working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Julie Kohuth,  PBT, ASCP, Phlebotomy Clinical Coordinator & Instructor, Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College CNA Training Video Series (sample excerpts) 

Karen is awesome to work with! It was my first time on camera and she helped me feel like a pro! The video she made got rave reviews among my colleagues. I get excited every time I get to share it with our customers! I look forward to our next venture together!

Jenny Klosner, Veterinary Technician, Jorgensen Laboratories

Front Range Community College

Phlebotomy Video Series (sample excerpts)

Product-demo, How-to  &  instructional Videos